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33 lessons

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This is a course of 33 lessons, held weekly, which spans the course of about a year, serving as a foundation for the further study of esotericism, and the science and ethics of meditation.

Course Topics

For details on course content head to the Topics page.

The class each week includes a talk and short meditation practice.  

Everyone is welcome to attend, however, as the classes and practices build on one another, consistent weekly attendance is recommended.

(Of course, you may decide not to continue on with the course at any point.)

Dates and Location

The Introductory Course is scheduled to follow soon after the Short Course which will be held in July.  Details will be available at the Short Course or simply by contacting us.
Free of Charge: a suggested donation of $5-$10/class is greatly appreciated to help cover costs (non-profit).
Registration and Information

If you are interested in taking this course or would like some more information, simply contact us via email, text or phone.

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