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Topics of the Introductory Course

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This course of 33 topics, held weekly and spanning the course of about a year, serves as a foundation for the further study of esotericism, and the science and ethics of meditation.

Course Topics

1. Introduction to Gnosis
           -What is Gnosis?
           - The 4 Pillars - Science, Philosophy, Art and Religion

2. The Four Ways
           - The Fakir - Order and discipline in life and the esoteric work
           - The Monk - Devotion, prayer, developing the faculties of the heart
           - The Yogi - Esoteric study and practice, self knowledge
           - The 4th Way - The 'Straight and Narrow' The Esoteric path, or path to enlightenment

3. The Two Lines of Life
           - The Being and the personality (the Spiritual and the Physical)
           - Raising our level of Being
           - Happiness and balance in life

4. Need and Greed
           - Human needs, moderation
           - The mechanism of sensation and satisfaction

5. Consciousness, Personality and the Animal Ego
           - Consciousness - developing consciousness, our essential nature, direct mystical experience
           - The many selves, or I's, dissolving the ego
           - The false personality - thinking and living mechanically

6. The Human Machine & the Pluralized "I"
           - 5 centres of the human machine - intellect, emotion, motor, instinct, sex
           - The balance of the centres

7. The Three Brains & How to Solve Problems
           - How to relax, manage stress, and dissolve problems
           - Balance in the mind, emotion and life

8. The Three Minds
           - The Sensorial Mind - The mind of the 5 senses, the material mind
           - Intermediate Mind - Mind of belief
           - Interior mind - The vehicle of the Being, objective knowledge, imagination and intuition

9. The Universal Mind
           - The cosmic/universal mind
           - The microcosmic or human mind
           - "As above, so below",  "The interior is the exterior"
           - Imagination and will
           - Mental epidemics, mental hygiene

10. The Spatial Sense & The Fourth Dimension
           - Intimate remembrance of the Being
           - Multi-dimensional universe
           - The 4th dimension, hyperspace

11. The Awakening of Consciousness
           - Infinite possibilities of human consciousness
           - The 4 states of consciousness
           - Techniques and practices for the awakening of consciousness

12. Learning How to Listen
           - Self remembering and relaxation
           - Concentration
           - Listening consciously

13. Return, Recurrence and Reincarnation
           - The great machinery of nature, and its intelligent laws
           - Destiny and fate
           - Liberation from repetition in life and the mind
           - Rhythm, order and balance

14. The laws of Karma and Dharma
           - The law of cause and effect
           - Types of karma
           - Managing, paying and liberation from Karma
           - Dharma

15. The Mysteries of Life and Death (I)
           - Physical death and mystical death
           - Energies of life and death
           - Living in the moment

16. The Mysteries of Life and Death (II)
           - The ray of death
           - Angels of life and death
           - The 4 worlds - Mineral (Infernos), Cellular (Physical), Molecular (Paradise), Electronic (Light)

17. Evolution, Involution, Revolution
           - Transmigration of the soul
           - The Wheel of Samsara
           - The mechanics of nature

18. The Seven Rounds and Seven Races
           - The creation of man and the world
           - The authentic history of our humanity and our race
           - Lemuria, Atlantis etc.
19. The Origin of the "I"
           - The Kundabuffer organ and the fall of humanity
           - The dissolution of the ego
           - The sacred fire, the sacred serpent Kundalini

20. The Lunar Influence
           - Influence of the moon
           - The law of the pendulum
           - Psychological moon

21. The Hidden Face of our Psychological Moon
           - The visible and invisible sides of our psychology
22. Universal Sound
           - The creative power of the word
           - Energy, matter, vibration, movement and sound
           - Mantras

23. The Seven Cosmos
           - Absolute reality, Absolute Abstract Space
           - The ray of creation
           - The laws of 3 and 7
           - Our place in creation

24. The Tree of Life
           - Introduction to the Kabbalah
           - The 10 Sephiroth and the 4 worlds
           - The tree of life and the tree of knowledge

25. The Study of the Solar Man
           - Esoteric development
           - Creation of the solar/spiritual humanity

26. The Seven Types of Man
           - Mechanical and conscious humanity
           - Instinctive, emotional and intellectual human beings
           - The balanced human being
           - The solar human being

27. Psychic Development
           - Sensations and impressions
           - Concept and reality
           - Spiritual development

28. Transformation of Impressions
           - Self knowledge
           - Transform yourself, transform your life
           - The exterior reality and the interior reality

29. Prana, Tattwas and Pranayama
           - The 4 elements - fire, air, water, earth
           - the Tattvas and the elementals of nature
           - The Akash, the Vital body, Pranayama

30. "Sexual Hydrogen" SI - 12
           - Esoteric chemistry
           - Sustenance and foundation of the body's energies

31. Astral Travel
           - The world of dreams
           - Direct esoteric experience in the Astral world
           - Discipline and techniques for Astral travel

32. The New Age of Aquarius
           - The Sidereal year - 25,920 years
           - The Aquarian ray

33. The Pancatattwa Ritual
           - The five elements: earth, air, fire, water, ether.
           - How to use wisely these 5 elements
           - Study of authentic white tantra

Upcoming Courses

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