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Psychology of the Spirit

The Being, reassessing and knowing himself is Self-Gnosis… Samael Aun Weor


Over 3 weeks join us as we explore the relationship between the spirit and the soul.


When the spirit (our Being, our inner God or divinity) earnestly seeks the cooperation of his soul, essence, or human aspect (us), in order to know himself, a certain journey begins. 


The Being as both ‘many’ and as ‘one’, beyond masculine and feminine, is expressed in the Kabbalah, or Sephirothic Tree.  The realisation of the diverse parts of the Being, all of which are represented and synthesised in us as an essence, become a common purpose for the soul and the spirit.


These sephiroth live, palpitate within our consciousness and we have to learn how to manage them and combine them in the marvellous laboratory of our internal universe…We need to realise those ten sephiroth because they are here with us, here and now.  Those ten Sephiroth realised in an individual, transform him into a self-realised being.  They resemble a setting of precious gems; it is something marvellous.      Samael Aun Weor

Monday 19th February 2024  -  7pm to 8:30pm
Monday 26th February 2024  -  7pm to 8:30pm
Monday 4th March 2024  -  7pm to 8:30pm
Cottage Room
62 Stroud Street 
Each class includes a talk and short meditation practice.
Free of Charge

A suggested donation of approximately $5-$10/ class is greatly appreciated to help cover costs (non-profit).

There is no need to reserve a space.  However, if it's possible, we do appreciate a text or email to give us an estimate of numbers.
Other Classes &  Courses
There will be an Open Night held in January prior to the Short Course. For those who are interested, a full Introductory Course of 33 Topics is scheduled to follow soon after the Short Course.
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