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Christmas: a cosmic and personal event

At Midnight, December 21, northern hemisphere, the sun reaches its lowest point where it pauses for three days (December 22, 23, 24) appearing not to move. At midnight 24th (early morning 25th), it begins its journey once again.

On December 24, Sirius (star in the east and brightest star in the night sky) aligns with the three brightest Orion belt stars known as the Three Kings (Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka), and on December 25, these all point to the location where the sun will rise on earth that day...

The physical Sun is just the symbol of the Spiritual Sun, of the Christ-Sun. When the ancient people adored the Sun, when they worshipped him, they were not worshipping the physical Sun. No, the cult was to the Spiritual Sun, to the Midnight Sun, the Christ- Sun. Undoubtedly, it is the Christ-Sun who has to lead us in the superior worlds of Consciousness. Every mystic that learns to work out of his physical body voluntarily, is guided by the Midnight Sun, by the Cosmic Christ.

Observe the King of Stars in his elliptical orbit as he travels from south to north and back again. When he travels to the north, we celebrate the birth of the Infant Sun. He is born on December 24th at midnight in order to dawn on December 25th. If the Christ-Sun did not move northwards, the whole earth would become a huge piece of ice and all life would perish. The Sun-god, however, does advance northwards on December 24th to animate and give heat and life to all creatures. The Infant-Sun is born on December 24th in order to dawn on December 25th; he crucifies himself at the spring equinox to give life to all that exists…

This is the cosmic drama that is repeated from moment to moment in all infinite space, in all worlds, in all suns. This is the cosmic drama that is represented in all the temples of Egypt, Greece, India, Mexico, etc. This is the cosmic drama that is represented in all the temples of all the worlds of infinite space.

Samael Aun Weor Christmas Message 1966-1967

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